Land Survey for Fence Installation

If you are thinking about installing a fence or having someone install a fence for you, contacting a Professional Land Surveyor like Liggie Surveys, Inc. should be a top priority.

Many times a homeowner or fencing contractor will say they “found the pins” and don’t need a professional to help out. In some cases this is fine, but as you can see in this picture it can lead to major problem and possible lawsuits.

This fence was installed without the benefit of a land survey. The wood stakes with pink flagging mark the actual property line.

The fence encroached 6 feet in the front and 22′ in the back unto the neighboring property. Not only is the fence over the property line the wooden play set is encroaching too.

The owner said, “I thought I knew where the pins were and the fence installation crew agreed with me.” Unfortunately neither party was correct and a land survey would have saved this homeowner a lot of time, money, trouble and head-aches.

Don’t put yourself in this situation. Call Liggie Surveys, Inc. and have your property surveyed before installing a fence or other structure that could impact the property line.

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