LiggieSurveys provides accurate, detailed and affordable surveys for commercial and residential needs throughout the great State of Virginia. Our professional team of Virginia land surveyors is highly trained and experienced to provide quality surveys that meet or exceed local and state regulations. No matter how basic or extensive your surveying needs are, you can rely on LiggieSurveys to deliver accurate results, on time and within budget.

A Brief Synopsis Of Virginia Land Surveying

From its early beginnings in colonial times, land ownership was extremely important to Virginia settlers. It should come as no surprise, then, that land surveying played a huge role in the settlement of this colony. In fact, the tradition of surveying in this burgeoning colony would have a major effect throughout the colonies, and eventually the new United States, as no less than two of Virginia’s most famous surveyors would go on to become President.

As Surveyor General of Virginia, George Washington had a profound impact on mapping out Virginia and other parts of the country. Another Surveyor General, Thomas Jefferson, eventually became our third U.S. President; he played a major role in the establishment of the new Public Land Survey System, which effectively replaced the metes-and-bounds method and was used extensively in surveying during America’s westward expansion.

Virginia land surveyors today continue the legacy set by Washington, Jefferson and others like them. While these surveyors use modern technologies and methods that produce far more accurate measurements than before, they still refer to the old land records for reference when verifying and clarifying boundaries.

Types Of Surveys Offered

LiggieSurveys can provide a wide range of surveying services in Virginia. Whether you need a basic boundary survey in advance of a land purchase, or whether you need extensive topographic, construction staking or as-built surveys for a larger development, LiggieSurveys has the experience and skill to ensure accurate, timely results. To learn more or obtain a quote, give us a call today at ( 202 ) 702-7995 , or contact us here.